photo by J. Jarboe.

Heather Enders

Taos, NM . Worcester . Boston, MA

Art is a reaction to living, it is something i am continually mulling over, balancing impulsive reactions and deep reflection. Small moments can affect us on a large scale, and my artwork looks to monumentalize those tiny points in time.

I find a comfort in the natural world i cannot find anywhere else. Standing still, and existing in this moment can be difficult, but when i am outside or bonding with plants suddenly i can stop and focus on now.


Heather is an artist who hadn’t been far from her roots. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts she returned to her birthplace after earning a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art + Design. In the two years after graduation she was employed at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens caring for the semi-tropical indoor horticulture collection, which she used this as a unique learning opportunity to find out more about the plant world she was attracted to. In this time Heather also helped out in her neighborhood in Worcester; being drawn to a community of local businesses in the Kelly Square area. She got her start by interning at the Crompton Collective in Fall 2013, then branched out to the Canal District Farmers Market, and BirchTree Bread Company.

In Spring 2015 she decided it was time to branch out, and drove cross country to Taos, New Mexico. Perhaps it was a shared birthday with Georgia O'Keefe, perhaps it was destiny. Regardless it was a fleeting thought that inspired her to go there, and upon reaching her destination she decided maybe this was a place to stay. 


Heather was trained in both traditional painting/drawing techniques, as well as unconventional contemporary art theory. In addition to fine art she also has experience in event planning and gallery management. Heather received a Departmental Award from the Studio for Interrelated Media in 2011.