Natural Magic

Horoscopes were the gateway for me.

From a young age i enjoyed reading about the different signs and the traits associated with them. I loved birthday books that went into the nitty gritty of your personality based on the day you were born. I identified with my sign and birthday and this helped illuminate the strengths of my personality as well as what I had to keep in check. it was a way to figure out how to understand different personalities and how they could work together.

From there it just kind of spiraled.

I got into natal charts, and more in-depth Astrology.  I became interested in herbs and stones, and the traits associated with them. I started looking to the sky with full moons, and other astrological anomalies and how that effects your life on a day to day level. I started reading tarot, celebrating seasonal based holidays, lighting candles, mediation, and making spell bottles and pouches. I made my own rituals. I kept a journal of all this information, as well as a calender of personal events matched up with Astrological anomalies. it became a way to process the world. and honestly its not rooted in occult witch-worshiping but more on health, wellness, and the power of thought. it was a way to better myself. it was a way to cope with hardship.

It was an easier thing for me to digest than organized religion, because i was never brought up in a Christian/Jewish/Hindu/etc. household. I grew up playing in the woods, helping my mom grow herbs, and going on hikes. the Wilderness was my guide.

and as i became more open about my interest, the more people began to express they had one as well. crystals are getting big. i've had people ask me if i could do readings for them, or teach them about the cards. there's a Juice Bar in NYC that has roots in herbal medicine. there is a witchy/occult aesthetic in some hipster sub-cultures that goes beyond the Hot Topic Goth of the early 2000s or angry Black Metal kids. and in our digital age it makes sense that people want to unplug and reconnect with the magic of the natural world we've evolved along side of for thousands of years.

intuition is key.

which is why i have a hard time explaining things in words. I don't deal with Natural Magic in words, and whenever i do it seems hokey. I deal with it on a visual level, because that's how i see the world. you have to open yourself up to what you are drawn to, tapping into that moment of what your eye first settles on. to not over think it. but when you are dealing with other humans you need to know how to communicate in words.

I've wanted to start blogging not only communicate my life as an artist, but to fill a void in the internet. i spent hours looking for a blog to be inspired by, to help me get my thoughts into words, and i couldn't quite find one. everything was too cheezy, it didn't do the beliefs justice. and i know i'm not the only one looking for this.

so when you can't find what you're looking for, you create it.